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Friday News Roundup: Oregon Allows Religious Garb for Teachers

What to wear and where to wear it? This week, Oregon becomes the 48th state to allow teachers to wear religious garb in classrooms, and a British judge says Sikhs should be able to wear their ceremonial daggers, or Kirpans, in public spaces. But first, a plug for Tanenbaum! Read the rest of this entry »

A to Z: Interview with Marc Gopin

Read this incredible interview of Marc Gopin, peacemaker and professor at George Mason University. This is seriously solid and important reading, especially given current perceptions of impasse in Israel and Palestine.

In the Jerusalem Post or at

Heavy Lifting

In the first 30 days of this new decade we’ve been doing some heavy lifting!  We’ve conducted trainings for 30 after school educators and over 100 employees of a major pharmaceuticals company.  We’ve shared with them why addressing religious diversity is a critical issue for the global community in education and in workplaces.  We’ve studied cases and curricula to teach new skills of respectful interaction and curiosity of differences.  We’ve given our better practices on addressing the complex issues of making learning environments and workplaces hospitable to people of all faiths, and no faith.  And for all the work we’ve done I want to acknowledge the people that we’ve worked with.

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It was a very good year!

It’s been quite a busy year here at Tanenbaum and as Manger of Programs I have had the pleasure of working on much of what we accomplished during 2009. Religious Diversity in the Workplace gives me very real reasons to be proud – we worked with corporations and conferences across the country and the world and expanded into new training modalities, all to further our mission of helping organizations effectively deal with the religious diversity in their work environments.

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News Roundup: When is prayer OK?

Prayer – many find it helpful when they are troubled or ill, but for others it can be uncomfortable or even offensive. A few stories this week gave us some insight into how prayer fares in different public settings. Read the rest of this entry »

Friday News Roundup: Schools Struggle with December Holidays

December is never any easy time for public schools. Hannukah. Kwanza. Christmas. Not to mention all the other faiths that don’t celebrate holidays this time of year, or the Jehovah’s Witnesses who don’t celebrate period. What to do? Schools in Connecticut, Oregon and California made headlines this week grappling with the “December Dilemma.” Read the rest of this entry »