Whole-Patient Care

Several months ago, I blogged about the ongoing debates surrounding health care reform and the questions President Obama’s bill raised about the relationship between religion and medical care. Read the rest of this entry »


Friday News Roundup: Tensions rise in Malaysia

Muslim/Christian violence is in the news again. Last week we wrote about the deadly conflict in Nigeria (read on for an update), and this week it’s the interethnic conflict in Malaysia.

Also, France approved a partial ban of burqas, and another Oregon faith healing case made headlines.

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Praying for Wellness

A couple of weeks ago Caity, Tanenbaum’s Program and Communications Associate, asked us to consider when using prayer in public settings is OK. As she noted in her post, while some may find prayer helpful, others feel uncomfortable or insulted if made to observe another’s religious practice.

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Friday News Roundup: Button, button; who’s got the button?

NEWSWhat you wear really does make a statement: a Home Depot employee in Florida and a student in Utah both get in hot water for their accessories, and at least one of these is ending up in court.

Meanwhile, fascinating health care debates go on – should health care reform cover faith healing, and is faith healing really healing?

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News: Islam, Ramadan and Fasting

In health care workshops we often talk about diet and nutrition, including religious fasting. An issue that arises not infrequently is fasting during Ramadan and what that might mean for medication schedules.

As Ramadan begins, Asian News out of the UK has a piece on this very issue – for those who provide care for Muslim patients (or are just plain interested) you can check it out here (there’s also a short video clip on the home page, just scroll down).

Friday News Roundup: Our 15 minutes!

NEWSOkay, yes, there will be news – it’s a ‘bit of all that’ kind of week – but first I need to tell you about our 15 minutes of fame last night.

Actually, it was more like 27 minutes, as our own EVP & CEO Joyce Dubensky went on Jus Punjabi’s (the first Punjabi-American television station) American Visions along with EmblemHealth Chief Medical Officer Dr. Bill Gillespie.

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Health Care Hoopla

It’s been hard to miss the current debates over President Obama’s health care reform. This hot button issue has liberals and conservatives going head-to-head and dominating the summer news cycle.  But all political disputes aside, the bill raises questions about the relationship between religion and health care and all kinds of religious groups are scrambling to have their voices heard including the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, faith-based mutual insurers, and the Sikh Council on Religion and Education. Read the rest of this entry »