Friday News Roundup: Ongoing Violence in Nigeria

There were a few hard-to-miss-stories this week: the ongoing violence in Nigeria, the New York flight diverted to Philly after someone mistook a fellow passenger’s tefillin for a potential explosive device, the scripture-inscribed gun barrels.  There were also some lesser-picked up stories, like the religious schoolteacher whose actions are dividing his Ohio town. And there was – as always – a study.

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Friday News Roundup: Education Shakeup

From curriculum debates in Texas to dress code debates in Oregon, there was a lot going on in the world of religion and education this week. Along with the local news, a national coalition of organizations issued a joint statement on religion in the public sphere that implicates how religion should be taught. And as always, there’s a study. Read on!

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The Whole Student

The latest issue of ASCD Express (The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development’s online publication) explores the ways in which schools can promote a healthy environment for students, “developing policies and programs that not only encourage a healthy mind and body, but also establish safe hallways and classrooms so that students can flourish as individuals in an authentic, mutually supportive community.”

This is more challenging than at seems. From what we’ve seen here at Tanenbaum, pretty much anyone involved in education is busy, even overworked. With regulations such as No Child Left Behind, educators and administrators are facing more and more requirements to fulfill, reducing their flexibility and ability to reach “the whole student.”

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Friday News Roundup: Cheerleaders find school spirit in the Bible

NEWSPoor Georgia cheerleaders. You thought you were just doing your job, cheering on your football team to victory with the words you found most inspiring. But those words came from the Bible, and now you’ve made headlines and your school won’t let you cheer the way you want to cheer anymore. Tear.

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Back to School

It’s that time again! September is upon us, summer is dwindling, the cicadas are out and educators from all over NYC and the US have begun planning for the 2009-2010 school year.  We here at Tanenbaum have a few wishes for our educators for the upcoming school year.

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Friday News Roundup: Islam All Over

NEWSIslam. In lots of different forms and with news both good and bad,  it was all over this week (although honestly, that’s not all that different from any other news week in the US). We’ve hit a point where even an article on how not to be discriminatory provokes accusations of discrimination. We’ve also got some activity around the ongoing faith-healing cases, especially in Oregon. See you after the jump…

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Friday News Roundup: Religion Walks the Tightrope

NEWSThough education wasn’t the hottest topic in religious news this week, with the media blitz around Obama’s health care bill and continuing violence in Nigeria, there were some interesting stories about religion and education that caught our attention (and more on those first two topics to come…).

Teaching about religion in the classroom:

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