A to Z: Interview with Marc Gopin

Read this incredible interview of Marc Gopin, peacemaker and professor at George Mason University. This is seriously solid and important reading, especially given current perceptions of impasse in Israel and Palestine.

In the Jerusalem Post or at MarcGopin.com


Friday News Roundup: Tensions rise in Malaysia

Muslim/Christian violence is in the news again. Last week we wrote about the deadly conflict in Nigeria (read on for an update), and this week it’s the interethnic conflict in Malaysia.

Also, France approved a partial ban of burqas, and another Oregon faith healing case made headlines.

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Next stop: Selection Committee

24 individuals from 17 countries have been nominated for our Peacemakers in Action and Women’s Peace Initiative awards. During the last 9 weeks, staff  have reviewed, researched, collated, charted, researched again and ranked according to our five criteria. As of Friday, it will be up to our expert selection committeeRead the rest of this entry »

Friday News Roundup: Ongoing Violence in Nigeria

There were a few hard-to-miss-stories this week: the ongoing violence in Nigeria, the New York flight diverted to Philly after someone mistook a fellow passenger’s tefillin for a potential explosive device, the scripture-inscribed gun barrels.  There were also some lesser-picked up stories, like the religious schoolteacher whose actions are dividing his Ohio town. And there was – as always – a study.

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Friday News Roundup: Believe it – 70% of world not allowed to believe

The overwhelming majority of stories we find when researching religious diversity news involve some type of religious intolerance. Well, a shocking new statistic came out this week that explains why: 70% of the world’s population lives without religious freedom. Read the rest of this entry »

Nominations in! On to research…

Over the past two months people from around the globe have shared with us the stories of their colleagues, friends and neighbors who are changing the world. We have received 20 nominations for the next Peacemaker in Action and Women’s Peace Initiative award winners! Read the rest of this entry »

New Prize Recognizes Tanenbaum Peacemakers

The Fondation Chirac’s first Conflict Prevention Prize was awarded on November 6th to Imam Muhammad Ashafa and to Pastor James Wuye for their efforts in Nigeria. Just up today: you can watch videos, see pictures and download their speeches! Click here. Read the rest of this entry »