Friday News Roundup: Oregon Allows Religious Garb for Teachers

What to wear and where to wear it? This week, Oregon becomes the 48th state to allow teachers to wear religious garb in classrooms, and a British judge says Sikhs should be able to wear their ceremonial daggers, or Kirpans, in public spaces. But first, a plug for Tanenbaum! Read the rest of this entry »


Friday News Roundup: Updates from Roundups Past

This week saw headlines in many of the divisive topics we’ve been talking about for months. From burqas to crucifixes, faith healing to minarets, here’s the latest in religious diversity news. Read the rest of this entry »

Friday News Roundup: Tensions rise in Malaysia

Muslim/Christian violence is in the news again. Last week we wrote about the deadly conflict in Nigeria (read on for an update), and this week it’s the interethnic conflict in Malaysia.

Also, France approved a partial ban of burqas, and another Oregon faith healing case made headlines.

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Friday News Roundup: Ongoing Violence in Nigeria

There were a few hard-to-miss-stories this week: the ongoing violence in Nigeria, the New York flight diverted to Philly after someone mistook a fellow passenger’s tefillin for a potential explosive device, the scripture-inscribed gun barrels.  There were also some lesser-picked up stories, like the religious schoolteacher whose actions are dividing his Ohio town. And there was – as always – a study.

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Friday News Roundup: Education Shakeup

From curriculum debates in Texas to dress code debates in Oregon, there was a lot going on in the world of religion and education this week. Along with the local news, a national coalition of organizations issued a joint statement on religion in the public sphere that implicates how religion should be taught. And as always, there’s a study. Read on!

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Friday News Roundup: Discrimination on the Rise

But first, a quick follow-up: In mid-December, we wrote about a global Pew study on restrictions on religious freedom. This week,  the Pew Forum held a roundtable discussing  it, and the transcript is now available. They review the methodology and findings, and fit a few laughs in a long the way. Read it here.

And now, the week’s top stories:

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New Prize Recognizes Tanenbaum Peacemakers

The Fondation Chirac’s first Conflict Prevention Prize was awarded on November 6th to Imam Muhammad Ashafa and to Pastor James Wuye for their efforts in Nigeria. Just up today: you can watch videos, see pictures and download their speeches! Click here. Read the rest of this entry »