A to Z: Interview with Marc Gopin

Read this incredible interview of Marc Gopin, peacemaker and professor at George Mason University. This is seriously solid and important reading, especially given current perceptions of impasse in Israel and Palestine.

In the Jerusalem Post or at MarcGopin.com


Next stop: Selection Committee

24 individuals from 17 countries have been nominated for our Peacemakers in Action and Women’s Peace Initiative awards. During the last 9 weeks, staff  have reviewed, researched, collated, charted, researched again and ranked according to our five criteria. As of Friday, it will be up to our expert selection committeeRead the rest of this entry »

Nominations in! On to research…

Over the past two months people from around the globe have shared with us the stories of their colleagues, friends and neighbors who are changing the world. We have received 20 nominations for the next Peacemaker in Action and Women’s Peace Initiative award winners! Read the rest of this entry »

New Prize Recognizes Tanenbaum Peacemakers

The Fondation Chirac’s first Conflict Prevention Prize was awarded on November 6th to Imam Muhammad Ashafa and to Pastor James Wuye for their efforts in Nigeria. Just up today: you can watch videos, see pictures and download their speeches! Click here. Read the rest of this entry »

Charter of Compassion Launches Tomorrow!

A year ago last month, Karen Armstrong came to Tanenbaum’s office in New York with representatives of TED. She applauded our work and the work of hundreds of other organizations putting the Golden Rule into practice. As a winner of the TED prize, she explained, she wanted to help promote our efforts as part of a global conversation about compassion – an active, essential ingredient of every major religion.

Tomorrow, the Charter of Compassion will be launched Read the rest of this entry »

NYC Premiere of Inside Islam: What a Billion Muslims Really Think

Premiere and Panel Discussion

Inside Islam; What a Billion Muslims Really Think
Tuesday, November 10th at Scholastic Auditorium in SoHo

Read the rest of this entry »

A Survey Look at Peacemaking in Seminary Education

That was the title of the seminar I presented at the Interfaith Youth Corps 6th Conference on Interfaith Youth Work this week. To an over-stuffed room of 19 students, professors and non-profit trainers, I presented the findings of our summer’s work: 22 interviews with 10 seminaries, one divinity school and one graduate department of religion.

I may have rushed through my PowerPoint, as I wanted to continue the survey – hearing from this group, how can and should peacemaking be incorporated into future religious leadership? Read the rest of this entry »