Friday News Roundup: Islam All Over

NEWSIslam. In lots of different forms and with news both good and bad,  it was all over this week (although honestly, that’s not all that different from any other news week in the US). We’ve hit a point where even an article on how not to be discriminatory provokes accusations of discrimination. We’ve also got some activity around the ongoing faith-healing cases, especially in Oregon. See you after the jump…

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Listening Closely – news from “the ground”

On July 9th, toward the end of a conference call about building a Peacemakers’ Network, Chencho told us that he was just back from Honduras – where a military-led coup had ousted President Jose Manuel Zelaya 11 days before.

Having read passing coverage of the event and analysis of its causes, we were unfamiliar with the story Chencho told: that half a million protesters organized by 36 civil society organizations were marching; that priests and teachers feared a return to the times of the guerrilla wars and regional instability; that accusations of a power grab were not only false, but also illogical in light of the referendum and election timelines. Chencho concluded by stating simply: “if the voice of the people can be heard, it would better the situation in Honduras.” Read the rest of this entry »

News: Islam, Ramadan and Fasting

In health care workshops we often talk about diet and nutrition, including religious fasting. An issue that arises not infrequently is fasting during Ramadan and what that might mean for medication schedules.

As Ramadan begins, Asian News out of the UK has a piece on this very issue – for those who provide care for Muslim patients (or are just plain interested) you can check it out here (there’s also a short video clip on the home page, just scroll down).

Friday News Roundup: Our 15 minutes!

NEWSOkay, yes, there will be news – it’s a ‘bit of all that’ kind of week – but first I need to tell you about our 15 minutes of fame last night.

Actually, it was more like 27 minutes, as our own EVP & CEO Joyce Dubensky went on Jus Punjabi’s (the first Punjabi-American television station) American Visions along with EmblemHealth Chief Medical Officer Dr. Bill Gillespie.

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Breaking News Update from Baghdad

“Even though there is violence all around, this is a place of the profoundest peace.”

This is how Andrew has described the church of St George of Mesopotamia, the Art Deco, brick built place of worship in Baghdad, situated on Haifa Street in the ‘Red Zone’.  However, this morning, that peace was shattered by a bomb blast, along with every window in the church. Read the rest of this entry »

Christianity – The New Minority?

While it may seem counterintuitive, considering that Christianity is the majority religion in the US, I’ve been noticing an interesting trend in the media: there seems to be a growing number of cases in which Christian employees maintain that they were subject to religious discrimination in the workplace.  Read the rest of this entry »

Friday News Roundup: Banning the…Burquini?

NEWSYes, every news outlet it the world is writing about how President Obama does or does not want to kill your grandmother. (Note that the grandfathers are always left alone…but that’s another post for another blog).

Check out Rachel’s post from earlier this week for news around the role of religion in President Obama’s health care bill. Check out the rest of this one for other news of the week.

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