Friday News Roundup: Groundbreaking Health Care Project Drops!

istock_000003001750xsmallOkay, I know the news roundup usually looks at news that is relevant and interesting to, but not directly about, Tanenbaum – that’s what all the other posts are for.

The project that’s been unveiled today represents 2 years of hard work on the part of many Tanenbaum staffers and our partners, and I can’t just not write about it. And hey, it is in the news!

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World Olympics Final Events

In June, we observed our four partner Virtual YMCA after-school  sites perform their World Olympics Final Events.  Each event was successful and unique.  We are really proud of all the participants and teachers for organizing such splendid events!

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Friday News Roundup: A bit of all that

istock_000003001750xsmallEveryone once in a while there’s a slow news week. Every once in a while there’s a deluge. And every once in a while there’s a lot of news but it doesn’t hang together in a series of neat trends, and that’s when you get a bit of all that.

This week, updates of Oregon workplace law and faith healing disputes along with issues of employee conscience, atheists on the march and Mormons.

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Both/And: Religion in Iraq

Again today, religious people were targeted in violence in Iraq. According to the New York Times, 5 Iranian pilgrims were killed as they traveled to holy Shiite sites. Read the rest of this entry »

Cultivating Global Citizenship: An Honorable Profession

California. Missouri. Pennsylvania. Illinois. New York. All great states and represented in our most recent intensive educator training. For five days during their summer vacation, 10 educators came to challenge themselves on how to incorporate values of respect for all diversity, including religious diversity, in the academic lessons they use with their students. I was struck by several things in working with these dedicated professionals.

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Friday News Roundup: Dastaars on the Defense

istock_000003001750xsmallIf you’re like a lot of non-Sikhs you probably don’t know what this headline means, because you don’t know what a dastaar (or dastar) is.

A dastaar is the turban traditionally worn by Sikh men, and the right to wear it is under attack from all quarters: schools and workplaces in the U.S., the U.S. miliary and schools internationally.

Also this week:  a plug for Tanenbaum staffers and Peacemaker Azhar Hussain!

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Let the Games Begin

Historically, America hasn’t had the easiest time adjusting to changes in the religious landscape.  Getting through the apprehension and confusion surrounding new or imported beliefs and arriving at some level of tolerance and respect took months, or years.  Now, atheism and agnosticism are on the rise – the Pew Forum reports that over 16% of American adults say they are unaffiliated and not religious (atheists, agnostics, secular individuals and those who describe their religion “as nothing in particular”) – and the process of dealing with new interreligious [mis]understandings has begun yet again.

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