When Work is Play

Yesterday was one of those magical days, when life and work are totally integrated. Heather and I had lunch with the Chair of our Religion and Conflict Resolution Program Advisory Council, Marc Gopin. As usual, the conversation was everywhere. I was startled to see Marc without his beard, because he looked so much like my cousin Peter. Marc said it was probably a similar gene pool and, sure enough, it turned out that our ancestors are from the same region!

We talked about peacemaking – incessantly and from all angles. Marc shared his deep concern about peacemakers and how many that he knows are so driven that they fail to care for themselves. And then he told me to eat more protein. He talked about the importance of finding the right measures to evaluate success. And how one woman he knows is living in a car so she can do her peace work. Then we talked about how to partner and expand our efforts by collaborating.

As Heather and I returned to the office, I said that I felt like I was cheating. “How can you call this work?” She glibly relied , “It’s called being integrated.”

— Joyce Dubensky, Tanenbaum Executive Vice President

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