Friday News Roundup: An unexpected bounty

istock_000003001750xsmallAlthough we think that understanding how religious beliefs and practices interface with health care is critical for good patient care, we know that a whole lot of people still don’t get it.   As I’m rounding up the news for the week, the health care-related section usually gets short shrift.

Not this week!  From the wonderful (hospitals making moves to become more welcoming to patients of other faiths) to the unexpected (yoga: tool of the devil?), religion and healthcare were all over the headlines this week.  I know some of you are going to have strong opinions on some of these stories – don’t hold back!  Headlines after the jump.

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Open Letter to President Obama: Religion & the Workplace

Dear President Obama:


As you well know, for Americans who are fortunate enough to be employed, going to work these days is scary.  Whether one works at a small non-profit or is employed at a large financial firm, it seems that no one feels immune from the possibility of layoffs, or as some like to say “right-sizing.”  So what happens to employees who are in limbo, waiting to see if the axe will fall?  How well do the survivors handle being left behind after a workforce reduction? 

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Friday News Roundup: All Around the Town

istock_000003001750xsmallCan religious extremists to go rehab?  What kind of neighborhood would you like to live in – and are you really sure? Sports and religion: did you ever think they could butt heads (I didn’t!)?  And when did California become such a hotbed of religion-and-education issues?

Learn all about it after the jump:

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One Teacher at a Time

This week marks the first offering of Tanenbaum’s professional development course for NYC public schools teachers, Religion and Diversity Education: Cultivating Global Citizenship.  As I write,  venerable Manager of Programs Mark Fowler is with our trainees working with them through some pretty challenging concepts…

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Love in Action – Valentine’s Day with Sakena Yacoobi

I had the best Valentine’s Day this weekend. Stay with me, this is totally work-related. On Saturday, I attended the women’s spirituality conference Sacred Circles, and this year’s theme was Love in Action. Tanenbaum Peacemaker Sakena Yacoobi of Afghanistan raised a standing ovation as she spoke about… Read the rest of this entry »

Open Letter to President Obama – On Religious Peacemakers

Dear President Obama:


When you gather your foreign policy advisors to consider issues of national and global security, I would like you to keep in mind a few lessons from religious peacemaker-practitioners working on the ground.


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Friday News Roundup: Is bussing back?

istock_000003001750xsmallAre buses the newest (old-school) form of social media?  The Freedom From Religious Foundation continues its controversial ad techniques in California and Wisconsin.

In other news,  WashPo’s On Faith blog has some worthwhile guest commentary, the Air Force faces more charges of religious discrimination, Obama calls for reconciliation at the National Prayer Breakfast, and how some Muslim investors are weathering the financial downturn.