Around the Web: Religion and Diversity Education

Have some time on your hands? Take a minute to read up on some of the news of the week concerning religion and diversity in the educational sphere. Around the Web is a feature that brings together a variety of recent articles that address the issues of religion and diversity and their places in education (public and private)!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on these links!

February 21st is International Mother Tongue Day! Celebrate!

Diversity education bill proposed in California after school shooting.

Florida State Board of Education rules that evolution is a “theory,” not a fact, that should taught in Florida schools.

“Bill of Responsibilities” to be taught to secondary students in South Africa, highlights respect for diversity.

Durban, South Africa school denies admission to Sikh boy based on his appearance.

Economic Diversity @ Stanford- the university will now offer tuition breaks to families with incomes under $100,000.

The number of multiculturalism courses being offered in high schools and colleges is on the rise.

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One Response to “Around the Web: Religion and Diversity Education”

  1. Anne Says:

    If you are still looking for things around the web, Public School Insights recently featured a blog posting by Ambassador Akbar Ahmed (Pakistan’s former Ambassador to the United Kingdom) that contains his thoughts on the importance of intercultural understanding and on how educational institutions in the US and Muslim worlds can work to build that understanding. The posting also contains recordings of an interfaith dialogue between Akbar Ahmed and Dr. Hillel Levine on the importance of education in fostering dialogue and respect among different faiths and cultures. This dialogue was held at the Learning First Alliance’s 2007 Summit. You can read Ambassador Ahmed’s posting at:

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