Pure Gold

I have the pleasure of designing and delivering the training programs for Tanenbaum.  Whether it’s employees at Harvard or site coordinators from a local YMCA, people really want to follow the rules.  Not the rules of a workplace or an institution, but the golden rules.  They want to be kind.  They want to be curious without being insulting.  They want to be respectful.  They want to be respected.  They want for their colleagues want they want for themselves.  We are in a unique position to aid them in their journey.


I am inspired and encouraged as we approach year’s end that the search for gold is not limited to remote parts of countries I’ve never visited, or what’s on sale at major retailers as holiday gifts.  Rather the gold I see people searching for is the gold of being and living in a world that works for everyone, especially where religion is concerned.  It’s good to have something for my 2008 to do list – 1. Figure out how to help people be themselves and respect that in others.

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